Thursday, May 24, 2012


My good friend and crazy T-Ara stalker Jacques somehow found this video of Jonte (T-Ara's choreographer) and was able to see that they had mistakenly uploaded the choreo, and the audio for T-Ara's upcoming comeback. Now, this leaked version does not have the eighth member but the fact it leaked, I'm in heaven!

T-Ara have always been very secretive with their projects, Round & Round was just uploaded out of nowhere and then all these reports that it was meant to be their comeback single last year surfaced, like, I don't remember any of those rumors. CCM is amazing at canceling things and making sure rumors don't become reality but now they have officially announced that "DAY BY DAY" is in fact Queen-Ara and that it's their comeback single. They also released the date for the comeback, July 9th. 

The video since then was removed.
Earth and the flop wannabe inhabitants, be ready for the slayage because it's T-Ara Time To Slay! Shh!

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