Tuesday, May 8, 2012


After spending a couple of months in LA working on some new material for the US version of her debut album, Ms. Kimbra is ready to take the US by storm on her own with her flawless vocals, claps and ad-libs. 

It's uncertain which song will lead the album, there's really no info on that right now. I hope it's "Settle Down" because it's a great introduction track, it's also catchy as fuck so the US will eat it up not to say the video has no flaws whatsoever. 

The US / UK version will feature 5 new tracks and the Deluxe Edition will include all the songs released form this era. I can't wait, I heard the snippets for some of the songs and they sound magical!

Now let's all watch "Settle Down" and hope Kimbra releases this masterpiece in the US. My life needs Settle Down to be performed on a US television show. 

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