Thursday, May 10, 2012


APink wishes to steal some of the epicness that T-Ara created with Roly Poly & Lovey Dovey by pretty much covering the song and putting new lyrics on it. It's such a blatant copy it should be banned. 

These girls, I've never bothered listening to them because well... they're nothing special, they don't give you anything SNSD or 4MINUTE can't give you. Their music is the same as everyone else, and their style is generic at best. 

But now they want to ride T-Ara schlong and copy their disco-retro inspired sound. I don't like this song, it's stupid, it's repetitive in a bad way, and the choreo gives me non-stop headaches. 

Nado lovey poly dovey oh oh oh oh tbh. 

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Anonymous said...

Agreed.. I dont like apink...
Poor t-ara