Thursday, May 3, 2012


It is no secret that I'm popping every limb possible to F.Cuz's new single "No.1" The energetic song gives me all sorts of life but Jinon needs to get his act together, ASAP!

F.Cuz went through a lineup change in the passed year after Lee-U left to become a non1curr singer, leaving the group as a trio,  their label then decided to throw in two members and re-focus (pun intended) their approach. 
Now, as a quintet they have released one of the catchiest songs in 2012 and their live performances have been pretty great so far, except for Jinon. Jinon sings the intro fragment, aka, the catchiest bit in the song, but for the life of baby Jesus, he WON'T SING THAT BIT LIVE AND I DON'T GET IT!!! It's a live performance and your bandmates are all singing their bits live but you think it's cool to just mime it even though you're the group leader?
Someone call their label and appoint Yejun as the new leader because right now, he's the one actually leading these promo activities.

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