Sunday, May 6, 2012


QueenRih stepped on the SNL stage last night to give us some fierce shows. She performed a horrible  medley of "Birthday Cake"  & "Talk That Talk" and a seriously solid "Where Have You Been" that made every floppy wannabe (aka that other bitch tryna jack her style) look like a floppy wannabe

Ms. That-Rihanna-Reign-Just-Won't-Let-Up started things off with a "Birthday Cake" and then quickly changed it to "Talk That Talk"... this part of the dual performance was so horrible because the live band was just fucking up so badly! Seriously, the bass player and the guitar player... what was going on? And then her vocals on Talk That Talk were kinda sad. 

But thankfully things got better when she completely ditched the band and sang on top of a mildly loud backing track and snatched every bitch in the galaxy with her newest smash hit single "Where Have You Been" She looked sexy, sounded great, and the choreography was seriously slaying me. It was kinda weird though, the SNL audience usually likes whatever Rihanna performs but they were oddly quiet throughout the entire performance. Oh well, they'll soon be singing this song errwhere when it blows up on the radio.

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