Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It's debut season in South Korea, so you will be seeing a lot of new groups come and go this summer. We now have the epically, brilliantly, amazingly, fantastically named "Hello Venus" (styled helLOVEnus) The song reminds me a bit of T-Ara and SNSD to be honest but it's not so obvious and they can still say they sound like themselves and not just a ripoff (take notes Gangkiz). 

The music video and song are so cute! They spell something I can't make up, but that's why I listen to KPop, so I don't understand what they're saying. The choreography is giving me all sorts of goosebumps! It's just so adorable. It makes you want to jump in and dance along.

I already found my favez, Nara (the one that looks like a younger Qri) and Lime (the one with the lime hair, see I told you, brilliance!) They are giving me fierceness on a silver platter. Now let me go find the lyrics so I can attempt to sing along, or at least learn what English word they're trying to spell. 

Can't wait to see this masterpiece live tbh. 

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