Thursday, May 24, 2012


I had the pleasure to speak to XFactor contestant Stacy Francis and have an interview with her. It was so much fun that we actually ended up talking longer than I expected so I will split the interview in three parts. In each part I will be posting a sneak peek of the official single artwork for "Purple Rain" Part 3 will have the full official world premiere. 
Part 1 will focus on her debut single "Purple Rain" and beloved fan base, the infamous Franatics, which we spoke a lot about.  Part 2 will be about her stay at the XFactor as well as what she thinks of singing shows and Britney Spears joining the second season of XFactor USA. Part 3 will focus on the Album, the release month, auto tune, Adam Lambert and other projects she has going on.

I will also be premiering the single artwork for "Purple Rain". You will get two sneak peeks and the full single cover when I post part 3. 


Stacy - Hi how are you?

Me - Pretty good, how about you?

Stacy - Thank you for interviewing me, I appreciate you!

Me - Thank you for taking the time! Are you excited?

Stacy - Of course! I'm so excited, I'm so so excited!... I love the song, and you know the fans love it. I'm really excited, I wanted to get back out there and sing somewhere. I've been singing every week, and I wanted to get back to it.

Me - When was it recorded? 

Stacy - I did it actually in I wanna say April, or the end of March, it was done a little while ago. We wanted to definitely make sure that everything was great, so we decided to take a little bit of time. And I shot a video and all that sort of thing.  Let me give you a bit of a background of "Purple Rain". I did it on the XFactor, and of course the song is only 2 minutes and for what my fans are telling me one of my best performances on the XFactor, and you know at first when I got the song I was like 'ugh "Purple Rain" what am I gonna do with "Purple Rain"? What does "Purple Rain"actually mean?... I started looking at the background of what it meant, well purple represents God's love in some religion... and when I sang it people said I did a little gospel to it and you know I really put a little bit of myself into it. I did my own rendition of it and people, fans all around the world, I get tweets from Italy, Africa, everywhere telling me how much they loved it so I decided to do a longer version of it. I wanted to give them something to remember, you know that we can still love XFactor. 

Me - I tweeted about... let me actually read you the tweet "Interviewing #STACYFRANCIS tomorrow about her debut solo single #PURPLERAIN I'll be premiering the single cover!" because your publicist is going to send me the single artwork as an exclusive for Today's Pop Music. 

Stacy - Oh good, that's awesome!

Me - And then TisMeStaceyxoP who I think is one of your biggest fans, the self proclaimed #1 Franatic that's why I know the term because I saw her on her page. 

Stacy - (laughs) Franatic! they gave themselves that name. It's so cute!

Me - I was looking at some of the tweets with the hash-tag and they seem really friendly. 

Stacy - Yeah, they're amazing, they're really supportive and amazing... you know it's funny, social media is such a good friend to the independent artist, I feel like if I didn't have Twitter and all those followers tweeting me "I love you" being out of the spotlight of a couple of months, we get a little bit insecure, you know, and it's nice to see that there are still people who love me and expect me to show up. 

Me - And it's good to have a friendly fan base. WIth the internet there are so many  fan-wars and everything else, you see that your friends are positive.

Stacy - I feel really blessed about that... I feel like my friends are a reflection of me. I see that other people might come and attack me and my fans would go after them very hard, they really protect me. And then I'll say to my fan, 'hey you know it's ok' you know what I mean? I don't want people stressing out. I don't like that sort of Twitter war on my page, on my timeline. But they do protect me!... It's so great to be protected that way and they are really good people, they represent all that I stand for. Love, light, the last couple of months and you know I made a lot decision about what I am and what I want to represent so I'm glad that my fans are kind people.

Me - I also think the artist has a lot to do with how the fans react. If you're a negative artists, you attract that kind of people but you've always been very positive, very friendly and empowering, so you attract that kind of people. 

Stacy - And it's a blessing, I do the work every day, and I do want my music to represent that and I want to represent myself in that way. You know, it takes a lot of work. It's not easy, it's not always easy, it takes work... because in the show and after I wasn't represented in the way I am... 

Me - And then people are able to see the type of people you are before all the editing

Stacy - And I think that's amazing, artists didn't have that many years ago. 

Me - For the people that don't know much after the XFactor, are you shipping around with labels? Have you chosen a label?

Stacy - I've had a couple people approach me. On the Independent side, the thing about it is that once I sign to a label things might slow down a little bit and so I've decided I'll produce my own stuff under my own production company... I'm gonna record my record and do as much as I can on my own so that I can get my music out there because what happens is sometimes you get on a label and they have a lot going on, they have other artists, other things that they're doing, so it'll take longer than my fans will appreciate. And of course I'd love for a major label to come along and take the ball rolling because there's nothing like having that support...

Me - It's also important to release what you want to release rather than...sadly when you join the really big labels they start deciding for you, what the public is gonna hear. 

Stacy - They take the creative control... I want it to come directly from me, for my fans. 

I'd like to thank Stacy for taking the time to have this interview with me and I can't wait for you guys to read part 2 and 3 of the interview! Now, without further ado, here's the first sneak peek of Stacy's "Purple Rain" artwork!


Anonymous said...

Great Interview with the wonderful Stacy Francis, thank you! I can't wait to read parts 2&3, also the rest of the artwork. Tease...loll, seeing the S makes me excited and anxiously awaiting the debut of all artwork and music! she is an amazing artist with a heart of gold. I'm proud to be a Franatic and will be one till da end of time. I love, support and believe in her 100%, 24/7. Big things are about to happen, just watch and see! Let da music play...Stacy's new & hot single... PURPLE RAIN 29th May on ITunes!
Love always @MsSheyShey xoxo
Franatic 4 Life

Anonymous said...

Wahooooo....what an interview..check out that S logo man..its all going on girl xD now less of the torture..bring PurpleRain29MayiTunes ONNNN!! NOWWWW!! love stacy gazillions<should be a word!!
#FRANatic :D thanks for the S/O RobortronicHeart :D i owe u one LOL! im sosososo happy for this S/O.
Dude dont delay part 2 & 3 ;)
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have a label because NO label wants her.. She is drama- if people knew the "real" her, they would run for the hills

Anonymous said...

She is nothing but a liar .. And stays pressed! I can't believe she has "Stans" lmfao

Anonymous said...

She can have several seats !! !!!!!