Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Besides "Gimme More" and "Piece of Me" the public never got a chance to really experience the amazingness that is Britney's "Blackout." This album is considered the most influential album in Pop in the last five years with many many other singers copping what Ms. Spears did almost half a decade ago. Up until now it is considered Britney's lowest selling album worldwide. Most credit that to Britney not promoting the album correctly and not releasing enough singles. But now that she's back in the spotlight in the good way, the album has finally become a Platinum Hit and I can finally say Britney has never had a flop album!

This is actually the first Britney album I bought...and I even pre-ordered it. I was so pressed about this album and I was not disappointed. The album is pure perfection, there are no fillers, there's not a dull moment, no flaws have been found! It's seriously a masterpiece and I am extremely glad that it finally is getting some love!

You can only imagine how pressed us Britney Fans are right now, QueenNey has 7 Platinum hits.. SEVEN, SIETE, If I knew another language I'd say SEVEN in that language too!

Now let us all listen to the song I love the most from the album... "Toy Soldier" (which was meant to be a single but was scrapped by RCA when she went back in the studio) This song needed to be a single so badly! I can't believe RCA was stupid enough to let it pass by.

No one can do cocky like Britney, no one can do sexy like Britney, it's Godney bitch!

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Anonymous said...

This album is the perfection of the Pop. Music would not be how we listen today if this album do not exist. Every and any single artist must to be greatful to her and her Blackout.