Monday, May 21, 2012


So good to have vocalist to blog about. For the most part the Billboard Awards did a great job at showcasing great talent... without ignoring the lip-synching flops.. but let's focus on talent. Billboard Awards was like a great American Idol reunion minus the gimmicks. Kelly and Carrie showed the world that America still has talented bitches and that they rule the world...whether you like it or not Clarkson's vocals were sharp, on point, and flawless. 

Kelly Clarkson had a couple of bad years with a couple of flops here in there and then the catastrophe known as "Mr. Know It All" happened and I had lost hope in this woman, but, a true queen is a true queen and she came back with Stronger and shattered all your favez records and showed us that she is still one of the bitches to watch. 

The Billboard Awards (I refuse to call it Music Awards after I saw Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown lip-sync their way... but not all of the top selling artists can also be talented like Clarkson. 

Her performance was also simple yet classy and amazing. The main focus for this performance was vocals, bringing it back to vocals and simplicity and it worked. She didn't get a standing O like Underwood but she still killed it! 

Don't think I didn't notice Ms. Clarkson lost a couple of pounds, she's always looked great to me but damn, that weave was looking all sorts of flaw-free. 

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