Tuesday, May 8, 2012


CCM's new girl group Gangkiz (previously known as Gang Kids) are debuting soon with their highly addictive T-Ara knock off. And in order to prove everyone that they really are T-Ara 2.0 they have copied everything they could from T-Ara. They have the Cry Cry mini-drama music video, the Lovey Dovey / Roly Poly rip off sound.

The song follows the same formula that made Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey so popular. Not only are the title two catchy words, but all three have the same disco feel to it... but just updated. This trilogy reminds me of Super Junior, they released Sorry Sorry, then ripped themselves off with "Bonamana" and because that wasn't enough they released "Mr. Simple" and just like "Roly Poly" 1, 2, and 3 they keep getting more and more addicting. 

"Honey Honey" like I said is flawless in its own right, it mixes "Mr. Saxobeat" and "Roly / Dovey" so effortlessly it's like the other three songs were meant to be. Not to mention, the visual is fantastic, but then it's not something T-Ara hasn't done and executed perfectly before.

It's so sad they ended up with it though, because T-Ara would have snatch 1000 times as many weaves with this song. Just picture Qri sticking her hands from the left to the right singing the intro to this and Boram only having one line, and Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon having all the lines and Hwayoung having the more ridiculous mini-rap verse of all time.

I wonder how South Korea is going to react to Gangkiz, because right now they adore T-Ara, and having a group blatantly copy their fave is not an option. But then again, EXO-K is ruling everyone right now and they're just a Super Junior - Shinee mashup. 

I wonder if the hook is gonna be "Honey honey honey ho ho ho ho"

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