Friday, May 11, 2012



T-Ara has gone ahead and given their fans the best news ever! They have chosen a name for their official Korean  fan club and with a little processing fee you are able to enjoy all the wonderful perks that comes with being a T-Ara fan. They also revealed the album covers for their first Japanese album "Jewelry Box" due June 6th.

The name of the fan club is "QUEENS"... yep, our queens know they are queens and they are owning it. What more can you ask for? T-Ara Queens > Elizabeth II. When you join their official fan club for a cheap price of $10, you get priority album and tour ticket purchase, as well as a board full of QUEENS. I can't wait!

Now with the artwork, Japanese artwork looks very cheap sometimes, well most of the time, so it's not secret T-Ara went and released cheap looking artwork. But none-the-less it is still flawless as fuck! I really love the cover with the white dresses, they look so classy, peaceful and just lovely. 


Then you have the slutty version, with the girls wearing white shirts and shorts with a cute blue belt. Looking simple and sexy without costing more than $20 a girl. I also love Qri's face here, it's so fierce!

And we finally have the cute cover. The girls are looking adorable as ever and look at who's in the center, Queen Qri, QQ, time to love. I said before that Qri is one of the most famous out of all the girls in Japan and this just proves it. In an interview she introduced herself as Qri Pretty... more like Qri Prettier Than Your Ugly Flops. You will come to love Qri... even if I have to shove her down your throat, jk. Poor Boram, sitting in the back... and look at Soyeon, she's like "Yep, poor Boram but WHAT CAN I DO!?" My QUEENS!

You can expect "Jewelry Box" to come out on top of the Japanese charts!

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