Wednesday, May 16, 2012


T-Ara's B-side group GangKiz have unleashed the full music video for their debut single "Honey Honey" The video is all you can expect... Cry Cry / Lovey Dovey but in a boring way. They spend most of their time walking around and driving than doing anything worth watching. 

I stopped watching the video after 4 minutes and went in and watch the the Cry Cry / Lovey Dovey mini-drama instead because T-Ara know how to do flawless, flawlessly. 

Nice try girls, but you're gonna need more than just a knock-off single to make it. The song itself is amazing, but that's because it was probably went for T-Ara, and then CCM decided to give it to GangKiz. This whole 7 theme is also really annoying because we all know who the real 7QUEENS are aka #7AraStayTogether.

Honey honey baby come to me... oh oh oh oh!

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