Thursday, May 10, 2012


Junsu was part of the original TVXQ, aka, the most artistic, amazing, vocally talented group in KPop history. About two years ago the five-some split and formed two different groups. Junsu went to form JYJ with two of the other members. Now, Junsu is looking to shine on his own by releasing a single for the original soundtrack for "Rooftop Prince." And as you would expect from a talented singer, the song is amazing!

Sometimes I hate JYJ, they are so whiny and they sue everyone and their mother, and they have been known to be a bit bitchy to their fans, etc etc etc, but then they go and release some of the most amazing songs I've heard in my life and I hate them even more because bitchy people should not be talented, why can't I be talented? Grrrr.

Anyway, the song is money, I expect this to go top 5 within the next couple of days. I also hope he promotes this on variety shows because his live vocals are flawless!

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