Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Girls Aloud's most famous member aka Queen Cheryl Cole premiered the hottest video she has released to date. "Call My Name" sees Cheryl stepping more into the US TOP 40 sound than her previous first singles and shattering the efforts of the lesser flops that have released videos this week. 

The video starts with Ms. Cheryl-slaying-your-wannabes Cole walking into a tunnel, looking fucking fabulous and fierce. As she struts her limbs from left to right, the anticipation beats start to come in. And then she decides she's a total badass, takes off her jacket and has a pretend fight with this gang members, who then...wait for it...start dancing along with her. Only in music video land babes!

I gotta give it to our Queen, she is looking delicious in this video. Seriously, if she was a fruit, I'd be a fruit-erian. Look at those curves, that amazingly tossled  extensions and those 1 foot heels! She is looking fab fab fab fab fabulous! 
My favorite scenes are the ones with her in the mirror actually. It's so boner inducing, her lips look so bitable. Damn, this sounds more like a porn review than a music video...but she gives me the hots!

I refuse to diss the choreography... cuz I was obviously too busy drooling over her to pay attention to what she steps she was attempting to dance to. 

"Call My Name" will be released in the UK June 10th followed by her new album "A Million Lights" on June 18th. 

*Watch out, UK's best selling single of 2012 coming through!*

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