Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The Wanted are no strangers to controversy these days. After slamming Christina Aguilera for being a total bitch to them during their time on "The Voice" the boys then proceeded to talk about Britney and her horrendous security team who made them face the wall during an event's backstage.

There was some confusion regarding the Britney incident but the boys have admitted that Britney is one of the nicest people and that it was her team that was a douchebag. That can't be said about Christina who has been a total bitch not only to the hot UK quintet but to mega stars like Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, etc. 

The boys have now come into defense for Britney saying "Nine times out of ten, if people make it that far, it is because they are nice. The people around them, it's their job to be a little dickish - Christina is probably the exception to that. If Britney was a cow, we'd just say it, but she wasn't. We are just honest."

And damn, are they honest. They are not only defending Ms. Holy-Spearit but kind of calling Christina a cow... This is gonna cause such a hate-war in all the music forums, I can't fucking wait!! So glad my boys are #TeamBritney

Christina, get your shit together, you're a total flop, no one cares about you and getting one of the hottest boy bands in the US against you is not what you need, remember how that went a decade ago when 'NSYNC was #TeamBritney and you had to hang out with the rejects?

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