Wednesday, May 16, 2012


SHINee conquest to conquer Japan continues to skyrocket with the five-some scoring the #2 place in daily charts selling 29K copies. It might not sound as much to US fans but for a foreign group to have those numbers in ONE day in Japan, it's rather solar-system-stopping. 

The boys have been one of the most successful KPop acts in Japan, getting top 5 singles after top 5 singles. They came in with Replay, slaying the country to pieces, then followed with Juliette, god, that was amazing, then they proceeded with "Lucifer" and now they have released their fourth single "Sherlock" and completely ruined any guy group's hope of coming near their crown. 

It's no surprise Sherlock is doing this well, this song is pure perfection. The vocals, the ad-libs, the instrumental, the choreo, I mean, you can't do anything to this song, it's impeccable. 

Welcome to Shinee's world!

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