Monday, May 28, 2012


Yes, I'm the last person to blog about Kylie's new single "Timebomb", forgive me please, I just paid attention today and I am in love! It's such a good song, the synths are just right, the auto tune is on point, and the video, I called 1800-SEXKYLIE and she is delivering it to me in all the right ways!

It's sad to think Kylie can release better one-off singles than all your favez combined and blended together and she has so much fun doing it you kind of forget she's not 25. She's looking so damn sexy in this video, I can't get over it. She's such a bad bad girl too, stealing people's phones, making out with guys half her age and trashing places, only Minogue!

She then went ahead and performed it on the The Voice UK and earth stopped. The backing track was just loud enough to make it still "live" and she was looking all sorts of delicious! She walked around a-la-Britney Spears, and shook her butt from left to right a-la-Rihanna, and then out of nowhere she takes off her jacket and shows off her killer bod, why must she tease me this way!? 

It looks like it's so much fun being her that when I grow up I wanna be Kylie Minogue, with the plastic surgery and the cheek reconstructions and everything! Give me the botox!!! 

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