Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The newly 8-Ara, semi 9-Ara aka the best thing since Jesus multiplied bread and fish is back with a new killer mini drama music video, and even though we have only seen part 1, this is the best music video since Cry Cry / Lovey Dovey. It's really rare for KPop videos to include story lines and T-Ara is one of the few groups that actually spends time in their imagery and visuals, and I love them for that! Part 1 focuses on Hyomin who plays the protagonist along with Danii and Jiyeon is the Queen Bitch of the story.

The music video is centered around Danii, the newest jailbait, apparently it's in the future and Ms. Danii has some super powers that Jiyeon is trying to use all to herself so Jiyeon is in the quest to find Danii and keep her to herself. But good-girl Hyomin isn't about to let that happen and keeps Jiyeon from getting Danii, that's until... I'm not gonna ruin it for you, watch the video!

As far as the song itself, it's perfection. It sees the girls stepping into a slower bpm but it's still flawless and fierce! I am having trouble telling who sings what  but I got this color coded lyrics as a cheat sheet!

After the release, Day By Day has achieved an all-kill!

The EP is giving me life as well, go purchase!

Also, my body is ready for Part 2!

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