Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Speaking of Disney, the troubled star known as Demi Lovato might be joining the US X FACTOR. Reports claim she is in final talks to join Britney Spears as the second female judge in the revamped XFactor. 

I think this is good for her. That show needs someone who can actually kind of sing and they need the young audience to tune in and we all know Britney's got the rest of the audience. 

As much as I think this is a good career move, this might not be the best personal move ever. She just came out of rehab and is still dealing with things and being on a TV show, where people will judge everything you say... I'm just afraid she will go back to hurting herself.

But... we shall see. There's a lot of buzz about the final announcement... let's hope Simon makes the best decisions!

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