Wednesday, May 30, 2012


BIGBANG has continue their teaser fest unleashing T.O.P, GD and now Seung Ri's teasers for the music video. We also get to hear a bit of the song which is sounding  a lot like a ballad or slow-tempo and I am not ready for this. I don't like BIGBANG's ballads. I don't tend to like ballads to begin with but this is sounding a bit boring.

T.O.P's teaser was first and I was really intrigued by the imagery. It's really weird and he's really weird in it but it's so good! He's (well they) seem to be trapped in a basement or something and he's escaping and doing some funny facial expressions. I can't tbh, but it's T.O.P and we must love it. His eyes look kinda weird and devilish. 

The second teaser belongs to GD and his blonde wig. The wig is so hideous to be honest I can't believe he's pulling it off. It's so weird what this guy can pull off. Anyway, he's in the same basement as T.O.P so I'm thinking he's either escaping with T.O.P or trying to capture him. I'm beginning to get excited!

The latest teaser is Seung Ri's and he is looking all sorts of cute. I really like that long tight jacket with that interesting part tern. He is looking all sorts of fierce and doing this all "I'm running away, I look tough" look and I am buying it. I hope he gets more lines in this comeback because last comeback he didn't get as many as he deserved!

Now we have Daesung and Teayang's teasers to wait and then June 3rd for this epic comeback. I know by then I will be all excited over the song, it's happened before.

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