Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Girls' Generation has proven they are more than just a marketing ploy, they are the definition of a marketing ploy. These girls can do no wrong, absolutely no wrong and as much as I love to hate their music as a whole, their subunit aka "TaeTiSeo" are more flawless than your favez. "Twinkle" has snatched every single #1 position you can think of in South Korea. Now they are going after the variety shows as "Twinkle" wins its' first of many trophies to come in "Show! Champion!" 

The girls also performed "Baby Steps" in order to show they are more than just a "Twinkle". They have been nailing every single performance so far, Taeyeon still melts me like butter on a toasted bread, Tiffany looks fucking incredible and Seo...well look at her, she sounds amazing!

I love the little intro before "Twinkle" in this performance, it was rather cute with the announcer and all. You can tell SM is not playing with this promotion cycle! They are going to pull all the stops possible to make these three girls even more famous than they were before. 

I was kind of obvious they mimed this performance, but, seeing how they are flawless, I decided to ignore that and pretend it's just flawless-better-than-your-fave-live-vocals. 

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