Monday, May 7, 2012


The woman with every single rainbow color on her head is going to release her 1000000th single off of her almost 3 year old "Teenage Dream" album era. "Wide Awake" however takes her on the more serious side with a semi-ballad, an attempt to empower those poor sad, yet profitable souls, and a cute little hook that only makes us wonder how many break up songs will she release off of her divorce. 

I'm gonna stop hating on it for a minute because when I first heard the song a couple of months back, I was obsessed. The song is stellar, it's really great effort from the (insert new hair color here) songstress but it's so dull and generic at the same time that it should not be a single. 

This is a ploy from her record company to keep her name on the charts for as long as possible until she releases some actual new music. I am looking forward to this single's promo scheme. Will she give out free blow jobs in exchange for iTunes paid downloads? Only time will tell!

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