Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The original 7Queens have out of the blue decided to release a set-mashup music video for their new digital single. Now note please this is not their official Korean Comeback single, this is just a promo single with a low-budget music video and some flawless Qri dancing.

Rumor has it this was supposed to be their comeback track back in November 2011 but they opted to go with "Cry Cry" instead (thank you baby Jesus) This song is not bad, it's just not T-Ara material. It's apparently a cover of an old song from decades ago, I don't know. Don't ask me about the song, I was too busy drooling over Qri's flawless, natural, untouched beauty. 

This song will serve like I said as the promo single for a compilation album CCM is putting together of T-Ara's old songs... yep, it's a re-re-re-release of a re-release. Only T-Ara can outsell your favez with songs from 2009, watch out KPop Charts, T-Ara's about to dominate!

La la la la la I like you! tbh

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