Thursday, May 17, 2012


Infinite has worked really hard to get to where they are, they have danced their butts off with every performance, they have written some of the lyrics and come up with the choreography, and to top it off they have always sounded great live, but for some reason I've never really liked them. They remind me a lot of TVXQ in the way they perform and the hard work they put in, but at the same time, it's always been a yeah, they're cool, but I'm not blown away...until this single came along.

The songs starts very nice, the intro is one of the most important things in pop, any sort of pop, so having a great one definitely helps. The song also does a great job at combining a retro feel to the very modern instrumental while still sounding original. The lyrics, well I obviously don't speak Hanghul, but, what I've read online, the lyrics are pretty solid as well, actually meaningful for once. I like the vocal arrangement, I feel each member gets enough lines. The song is pure amazingness. 

The video is really good too. It has this car accident theme going on, and some slick, sick and shamelessly epic choreography. The editing of the first minute on the video is kind of weird because it restarts itself, but, I guess it was to give them more screen time to get their accident theme across. I don't know, but I'm buying it. I'm buying whatever they are selling. 

It's so weird, last year, I was all about 2NE1 and Big Bang... now I'm all about T-Ara and if my instinct is correct I'll be jamming to INFINITE on loop soon. 

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