Thursday, May 31, 2012


Teen Top has been one of my favorite groups since forever. I love the different sounds they've come out with and I love their styling as well. I fell in love with "Crazy" even though it was mainly Neil singing, but with every single it seems they are giving the other members more lines. This song for example gives one of them a huge verse. The boys have also premiered the music video, and I am loving everything.

The lines are spread out pretty nicely to be honest, they are only ignoring one member now but that's ok, he's gonna pretend to sing the "ooooh" parts live. The song starts off very nice and slick and then it builds up, I actually love how smooth the build up is. Many are comparing "To You" to "Alone" by (I don't remember the name of the group because I don't really like them) I obviously don't see it because I don't know Alone but it does remind me of Menudo's "Lost" it has a similar structure. I love "To You" and that's all that matters to me. The rap is also cute, I don't know what they're saying but it's sounds cute to me.

The music video has the same plot all their videos have, all of them are fighting for the same girl, but it's so cute. They all sing their lines so masculine-y and stuff. And at one point two of the members are in the same room and it looks like they're about to either punch or kiss each other, it's very... forward for KPop, but Teen Top has always played for both sides to be honest. The music video is a bit of a success on YouTube as well, it has over 119,000 views and it just premiered yesterday.

The choreo is fucking insane, these guys can dance like it's no one's business. It really shows in this video, they are not messing around, and they shouldn't because BIGBANG is coming back soon so they need to make an impression before BIGBANG destroys their chance. 

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