Monday, May 28, 2012


If you asked anyone who Nelly Furtado was five years ago I bet you 9/10 people would be able to say they knew her, fast-forward to today's time and Nelly's name is just a vague memory of what was one of the best years in Pop. Sadly, she took too long with her comeback and chose a horrible first single. Now she's out speaking about why the album was pushback yet remains delusional about "Big Hoops"

When asked about the pushback she says

We decided we wanted more time to release another single. I also wanted to travel to various parts of the world, as I have been lucky enough to be successful in so many places I wanted to go to talk and then release the disc.
LOL! This bitch, let's be honest Ms. Thang, your record label told you to get back in the studio with Dr. Luke and make them some real hits, don't lie to yourself!

When asked about if "Big Hoops" was the right chose she says

Totally. I think it's important to show people it’s an avant-garde album and not something that would have been so obvious. I think Big Hoops does not sound like anything you hear on the radio, which is a big plus because it captures the attention of people in an organic form. You do not always want a radio hit: it's great, but that does not mean that people will be interested in the album. I’m more an album artist and for me, throwing an interesting song, beyond the obvious, is good. 
Someone please get this bitch some meds! And don't come at me saying I'm a hater, this single is a flop, it will never be a hit and she needs to stop being a hipster about it, she's not Adele, she's not Kelly Clarkson, she won't make this song relevant, not even if Glee were to cover it, nothing can save this shitty song. 

Now if she could please do us all a favor and release a worthy single, life will be good once again.

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