Tuesday, May 8, 2012


When I say I just found this group, I mean, I really just found it. I was watching "Hello Venus" and I saw this on the suggested section and I am so glad I clicked. FFK (or FFKAHOLIC) come from Thailand and damn, they are serving some serious dubstep, pop and just everything right and when she sings "Just Loveaholic"... it's just... epic. 

The music video apparently premiered almost two months ago and has almost 2 million views on YouTube... not bad for a non-kpop group. But when you listen to them you see why they're so popular. The sound is amazing, the auto tune is just right and they are actually good dancers. 

The music video is rather interesting, it has this anti-love pills all over the place and they are in a psych clinic or something and then they're at a rave... who knew Thailand partied this hard. 

I'm already in the process of learning that hand-dance they do after "Just Loveaholic" thank you for asking. 

Maybe it's time for me to pay attention to Thai Pop...

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Anonymous said...

Any links to download the song?