Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 This is the final part of my interview with the lovely Stacy Francis. I had a blast interviewing her, it was so much fun, she really is a sweet woman. Also, I got a lot of love from her fans, the Franatics. I hope you all enjoy part 3 and all the details about the album you are about to find out. So let's begin!

Me - As far as the direction, is it going to be mostly ballads, mid tempos? 

Stacy - There's definitely going to be some ballads because I love them and that's what people say about my voice. I have to do some dance stuff, I want to do a tribute to Donna Summer... the album will be released in August.

Me - Does it have a concrete release date?

Stacy - It's coming in August, we're definitely looking at a target date in August but I don't have a concrete date yet but it's coming in August. 

Me - How is recording different than just performing?

Stacy - When you go in the studio sometimes the track is laid down and you sing to the track and with 1500-Or-Nothing (Producers) these guys are a live band so I did it live in the studio so I got a chance to really really perform it as if I was on stage... They're really talented guys and I felt it was important for me to sing to live music because again I feel like I'm singing onstage. When it comes to singing in the studio and laying down the tracks is a little bit different but you definitely have to take in the same energy. I gotta make sure I work with the right producers because if you don't work with the right producer that knows how to produce for your voice... the guys that I work with just let me let it all hang out. 

Me - And you don't wanna have auto-tune being all messed up in there too!

Stacy - I don't do auto-tune honey (laughs)

Me - That's what I'm saying, coming from the XFactor and hearing your voice, you wanna make sure that you're gonna work with someone that's going to accommodate to your voice and not just go the auto-tune route.

Stacy - Exactly! Exactly! It's very important cuz you know like you said people saw me on the XFactor, I wanna give them what they saw on the show.

Me - Now going back to the album... how many songs have you recorded for the album (as of May 23rd)?

Stacy - I've recorded 7 so far but I have so many more to do.... I wanna make sure I record a bunch of stuff and then we're gonna get my team in a room and probably some fans and do a listening party and pick the songs that are gonna be on the album... I wanna record about 30 songs and then pick about 11 or 12. 

Me - And then some bonus tracks, maybe

Stacy - Yeah, well you know I think that nowadays it's a singles driven. I wanna drop as many singles as I can to give my fans as much music as I can give them... I definitely wanna have a lot going.

Me - Are you shopping around with labels or are you going independent?

Stacy - I've had a couple of people approach me and the thing about it is that once I sign to a label things might slow down a little bit and so I've decided that I'm producing my own album under my own production company... I'm gonna do as much as I can on my own so that I can get my music out there because what happens is you sign on a label and they have a lot going on, they have other artists...and it takes a bit longer than what my fans would appreciate... Of course I would love for a major label to come along and take the ball rolling but right now I'm doing it independently.

Me - It's also important to release what you want to release because sometimes when you join the really big labels they start deciding everything for you, what the public is going to hear

Stacy - And take away some of the creative control. I want my first album to be raw and real and I want it to come directly from me for my fans exactly the way that I'm feeling right now. 

- Thank you again Stacy for taking the time.


Anonymous said...

Every post I read..just gets topped! Another A*mazing read :) Top Job..please interview stacy again in August LOL!
Thanks for everything!
And stacy.... purpleRain is outta this world!! i LOVE it

TEE BEE said...

I Love Stacy's new single. She is an amazing singer. I can't wait until the album drop and I would definetly love to be one of the fans in the studio. lol! Thanks for the interview. I love them. TVI25

Anonymous said...

Prince should sue her flop ass for murdering his song.