Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Queen of crazy eyes and growls has chosen the single that will follow up the massive "Starships" in the UK. If you didn't know, Nicki is the first rapper to reach top 5 in the UK. I think she charted #3 but I'm not sure. Anyway, she has chosen "POUND THE ALARM" as her second UK single and I am kinda sad. 

"Pound The Alarm" is a great track, really fun, it has a catchy hook and a mindless chorus but "Va Va Boom" and "Whip It" are far better choices. "Pound The Alarm" also sounds  a lot like "Starships" well most of the songs in the album sound like "Starships" but...

I can already see the video being massively crazy and a lot of nearly naked men touching her all over the place, at least that seems to be the theme in most of her videos.

Apparently "Whip It" will serve as the official second single in the US but nothing is confirmed. My poor UK friends are gonna miss out on "Whip It" -_- 

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