Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sia comes from the little continent known as Australia where she's had a lot of success and recognition. She's been touring the world for a while and since 2011 she's started to write for other people. She made a sad statement a couple of months ago saying she won't be putting out a solo album any time soon as she is enjoying the riches of being a writer for all those popstars. 

Needless to say her features are gaining a lot of recognition in the US with Flo Rida's "Wild Ones" charting at a pretty #5 on the Hot 100. I love how she's getting Flo Rida another Top 5 single and she sounds so amazing in that verse, so so amazing. I'm happy Flo Rida learned to recognize his feature artists so another Ke$ha incident doesn't happen again. I also edited Flo Rida's voice so it's just her singing the chorus... I did it with "Good Feeling" and "Right Round" - you see the pattern, I love his beats and his female features but I can't stand his "raps"

"Titanium" has been a huge hit everywhere but in the US being Top 10 in almost every single country, but it seems things are about to change as well. Right now "Titanium" is #25 on the Hot 100, but it's gaining a lot of radio plays (even in Latino stations) and downloads as it's climbing up on iTunes sitting at #16 for now. This is the song that everyone raves about when they listened to David Guetta's album, it's such an amazing track and her voice sounds flawless. I can't understand half of what she's saying but I still love it. 

I for one I'm really excited that Sia is getting some love, I think this is probably the best and most meaningful dance track out there and I think people will identify with it. I also know that drunk people will be shouting it like there's no tomorrow in the clubs, I know I do.

I'm bullet proooooo nothing to looooose far away!!!!! 

She's in neither of the official videos, she's never promoted any of the songs and she's still slaying it.  Can your favez? Didn't think so!

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