Monday, May 21, 2012


Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Chris Brown forgot their voices at home and decided to lip-synch their way through the Billboard Awards. This is probably for the best though because neither one of those bitches can actually sing and I kind of want to have good hearing for a little while. 

Justin Bieber started the performance live, singing behind a backing track, doing his best Justin Timberlake impersonation and then out of nowhere he stopped singing live and opted to mime the pre-chorus, chorus and bridge of the song. It's so sad it's come to this... remember when he got famous on YouTube because of his cute little voice? Oh yeah, puberty happened and that went away. The choreo for the performance was wack as hell too. What was he doing? This isn't 2005 and he isn't JTimberlake. Someone needs to tell him that he needs his own identity.

Katy Perry decided to utterly, shameless and without a comment, rip off P!nk's flawless and iconic performance from three years ago, elevating herself and doing all this circus shit all over the place looking like a dumbass. She's not as smart as GaGa, at least GaGa rips off forgotten or unknown hoes. Silly Perry. Sadly this happened for her amazing new single "Wide Awake"... but it's Katy Perry so even if the bitch sang like she was being choked after chain-smoking non-stop for a decade the fucking single is still gonna outsell ya favez.

Chris Brown, you used to sing, kind of, like your voice wasn't horrible live... what happened? I hate him and all for what he did but you can't deny the guy could sing, now he's all nasty looking, with that hideous 'stache, and those uglier than ugly tattoos. Not cute and your performance, Usher much?

Side notes: I love how P!nk slammed Chris Brown for lip-synching and how P!nk's husband slammed Katy Perry for ripping off his wife. I love these two!

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