Saturday, May 26, 2012



Sky Ferreira was the promise new "it" girl back in 2010, she had it all coming for her, a hot single, a relatively large following for a new artist and the likes from a lot of producers. Her auto-tuned magic debut single then flopped harder than Natalia Kills (even in the UK and the UK tends to love the type of music she was releasing) and then she was forced to go back to the recording studio...where she has stayed postponing her follow up single month after month but now she wants us to believe i's really gonna happen. 

She then released the very dated "Obsession" which she admittedly said she hated, and filmed a video where she obviously and ridiculously tried to rip off Lily Allen and not even that gave the poor girl a hit. Then Adele happened, and Kelly Clarkson came back, and Lana Del Rey tried to be relevant for a second so she went in and said "I'M DONE WITH ELECTRO POP I WANNA BE A REAL SINGER" so the bitch went back in the studio and recorded a brand new album where she wants to showcase her beautiful voice (LOL!) 

She started talking about Red Lips about six months ago, giving it high praise and this and that. First the single was supposed to be released in February, then April, then May... and now she wants us to believe it'll "FOR REAL" happen in June 12th. Let's see what happens June 12th and what her excuse is gonna be. 

Her main problem though isn't that her music sucks, because she does have good music, it's that she's a total cunty-bitch! She doesn't take criticism very well and thinks she's the second coming of baby jesus and that we all MUST love her music because she's the goddess of this universe. I really did like her in the beginning and even stan for her. She should really disappear for a couple of years, focus on modeling and then come back with a new name, a la Lana Del Rey...maybe then she'd be semi successful.

Listen to the preview of what's to be her third flop


Anonymous said...

Its obvious you dont know Sky sound like a bully ..she is far from a cunt ..she has worked hard..go fuck yourself

Pop Music said...

You sound like you're Sky.