Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I can't tell you how much I hated the idea of a T-Ara wannabe group. I was so furious that T-Ara's own label would add two members to an existing group and then debut a 7 member group to become the "new T-Ara" I was furious! And then such group released the most blatant rip off of T-Ara that has ever been recorded in KPop. I was devastated. And then out of nowhere I started to fall in love with "Honey Honey" because it's such a T-Ara rip off I consider it a T-Ara song so therefore I must adore it and I can't tell you how fucking obsessed I am with this song! I play it in my head every single day! Why did they give it to GangKiz? T-Ara would have SLAYED your favez with this song!

So back to why y'all are here. If you know me, you know I love the cuteness outta Qri, I think she slays, she's the Queen of T-Ara and everyone else is her peasants. Qri > your entire life tbh. She's so damn cute and bubbly and she can't sing or dance but she still does it so flawlessly. She can't even lip-synch to a loud backing track but she still remains without flaws. Seriously, she does everything wrong so beautifully. 

So now when new groups debut I look for the Qri in them and I found not one, or two, but THREE in Gangkiz except Gangkiz is more obvious about it. I don't know their name, I really don't care to find out, I'm just gonna stan for them like it's the last thing I'm worth doing in my life!

 First we have the cute girl with short red hair, she gets NO LINES whatsoever in their debut single, not even an ad-lib, not even an OH in the chorus, nothing! But have you seen her perform? It's like she's injecting steroids and you're a weak bodybuilder. It seriously revives your meaningless life!

Then we have the other red hair girl but with the long one. She actually gets quite a lot of lines but she can't sing along to the backing track, and damn is that backing track loud but she still dances around and whips her weave like she's the Korean Mariah Carey, I don't know your name but I want to have your children!

And then we have the cute short brown hair girl, no, not the one with the ugly highlights, the one with just brown hair and the OMG shirt (wore on the performance below) GOD SHE SLAYS ME! Have you ever seen anything cuter (besides of course Queen Qri?) I have fallen in love! She also gets no lines whatsoever but I saw her pretend to sing the "Ooooh" part like twice, you know she's a go-getter!

I found Qris in a talentless place and it feels so good! 
Btw the lead singer needs some vocal classes, god, her voice is horrendous live. Give my queens with no lines some lines bitches, don't be greedy, let them slay!

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