Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Cher is slaying me with her first US music video. It is fun, it is quirky, it is everything you would expect from the sexy 18 year old...and...it actually has a plot for once, and a good one at that!

When the first promo picture was released I thought she was gonna go all Lady GaGa on a diner on me, but, turns out Ms. Lloyd had a different idea in mind and I love it. Cher looks sexy in this video without over doing it, and those facial expressions & growls have me weak! The plot is cute, very revengeful but in a cartoon way, Cher's make up is flawless, her wardrobe is intact... and the song is still so fucking catchy!
The video is very contradictory as well, and that's why I love it. There's a part where she sings about pants...and she's not even wearing any. Also, I love how it's called US version, even though it's identically the same instrumental as the original non-5-year-old version. Oh speaking of toddlers, let's not forget that 5 year old from the Flop-Factor is not in this version, baby Jesus, thank you!

This bitch needs to go and promote this in every single restaurant and everywhere we... wait sorry. She needs to go promote this in every single TV show / Award Show / Mall / Small Venue / Restaurant, etc.

*Does this sound like a helicopter? Brrrrrr tbh*

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