Monday, April 30, 2012


Our favorite masochist is back with a banging new video for her stellar effort also known as "Where Have You Been" The video might have come a year too late but lemme tell ya boo, the wait was worth it!

The video takes a while to start because she is on this lake thing for like a whole minute, but then things start to shape up! She starts dancing and I mean DANCING not Britney dancing, but like... DANCING! The choreography looks phenomenal, it's well done, very in-sync with the rest of the dancers, the outfits are extravagant and our favorite dance diva is looking sexier than ever! And the most important part, she's having fun, she's being young, she's being cute, and unlike your favorite flop, she's being relevant!

I could have done it without the obviously cheap "double" effect on some of the parts, but it's still a masterpiece!

*Now that the video was released I can die a happy man*

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