Friday, June 8, 2012


According to AllKpop we have found T-Ara's eighth member. There's been a lot of speculation regarding T-Ara's eighth member, but according to the bio they released last month, it seems that Areum fits the description. Dani, the 9th and hopefully last member, will be joining T-Ara in their December activities. I don't know why they decided to confirm Dani first and not Areum.

Anyway, I like her and I'm not saying that because she's giving me all sorts of Qri cuteness. I really hope she can sing though because we only need one Qri in T-Ara. You can expect Areum or whoever the eighth member to join the 7 Queens this July when they have their comeback stage and slay your lesser funded hoes.

Here are two more pictures of Areum. Also, here's her official bio The newly added 8th member of T-ara is 18 years old (19 in Korea) and possesses a great visual and talent. The new member will work with T-ara for their upcoming album starting this summer.

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