Monday, June 11, 2012


I have been jamming to "Electric Shock" so hard for the last 24 hours. The single is so fierce, so fun, dancey, and just flawless. The girls spent almost an entire year preparing for this comeback, giving the audience enough time to miss them and giving themselves enough time to find a sound that would be F(X) and no one else's and I'm happy they took the time because it totally paid off!

The single does a great job at making them all very, very likable. They're all given even parts so they all have the time to shine. Also, note that Amber actually sing / talks in this song rather than her typical useless "raps". I think SM is finally making some good decisions regarding F(X). They have spent time in their sound, image and overall appeal. The production for this single is beyond epic, it's so sharp, it has the right amount of processing, the right amount of beats, and the right amount of build-ups.

The music video finishes the work. All the girls look lovely, absolutely stunning, specially during their solo shots, seriously fierce. They've done such a great job I can't even choose a fave, Amber included. I'm new to their music so I don't know their names but the blonde girl had my attention for a bit, but then the girls with long brown hair started slaying me, and then the one with dirty blonde just popped outta nowhere and blew my mind...and then Amber out of all of them gave me life during the bridge. Who do I choose? I must have a bias!!! (Bias is what Koreans call "favez")

The styling for the music video is sharper than a chola's eyebrows. The outfits make sense, the hair colors make sense, the make up makes sense, everything is calculated so perfectly that an OCD person like me can't help but fall deep in love. The "RICH" and "SICK" shirts are fucking fierce! The football shirt, epic! The colors they chose for the outfits are so vibrant and electric, I love it!

As far as the choreography, it seems they've taken some advice from T-Ara and it's great, because one of T-Ara's best attributes is that their choreo is simple but fierce and clean. F(X) for once have an epic choreo that isn't being shadowed by useless steps. The steps for the chorus are so easy to learn, everything is manipulated so efficiently, an A+! And with this song being this fun you know everyone's gonna be dancing along to this at the Korean karaoke bars. 

Now the special effects for the video were a bit cheesy and expected but I was too busy drooling over everything else to really give a fuck.

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