Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm not as delusional about Paris Hilton as most bloggers are. I really loved her debut single, I've never heard the full album, I don't really want to either because I feel like I'll end up being delusional about her, too and who the hell needs me to do that? Anyway, what I am excited about is her comeback single which is going to be officially premiering this June 23rd during her DJ set in Brazil.

Yes, you read it right, Ms. Hilton is adding Part-Time-Awesome-DJ to her long list of duties and skills, and yes, it's happening in Brazil, where there's gonna be a shit ton of drunk sexy people dancing to what is expected to be the best single of 2012, God, I'm already sounding delusional.

The single is assisted by LMFAO and produced by Afrojack, so you know that's certified, bonafied, xxxfied hit! My ears can't wait. Now let's all remember Paris's amazing debut "Stars Are Blind" - yes, you need this song stuck in your head, so just go ahead and press play. 

Must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Download. Debut. Album.

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