Friday, June 8, 2012


Poor Madonna, it must suck to be her right now. Her latest flop album "MDMA" is now being sold for $4.99 at Amazon. Yep, four dollars and ninety-nine cents. And this isn't a lucrative deal with Amazon, she is really selling the album for that price.

Not only did her first single flop hard as fuck, her second single assisted by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. also flopped and then the album flopped. She's having the worse year of her life... and it's just getting worser. She's getting so much backlash from her world tour after Nazi images, the big old "S.H.I.T" posters when she sings the "Born This Way / Express Yourself / She's Not Me" medley. She should have learned from Lil Kim's fiasco that the last thing you want is to lash out your wannabe (in Lil Kim's case, Nicki Minaj) I thought she had learned because she was all lovey dovey with GaGa, but it all went to shits when she started dissing her.

This is what happens when artists don't get that it's their time to go. She should have retired half a decade ago when she was still somewhat relevant. Now, she's forever gonna be known as the former Pop Queen who sold her new album for $4.99 and this is gonna make GaGa's desperate $0.99 scam as an act of goodness.

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