Sunday, June 10, 2012


As always my judgmental self makes me super late to the party. I heard of "JJ Project" and I immediately dismissed it. First thing I thought was "that's such a stupid name" and then their debut single is called "Bounce" - so creative! But today, literally minutes ago, I started googling JB because I love him in the KDrama "Dream High 2 and I saw that he was part of JJ Project so I had to listen...

JJ Project consists of JR (left) and JB (right), both of them were in Dream High 2. The rapper for the group is JR and I am thanking the lord. If you watch "Dream High 2" you know that homeboy can't sing, well he can, he's just not good at it.  JB is in charge of the vocals and again, basing all my opinions from DH2 I am thanking the lord he's not the rapper because he's a great singer and that blonde weave with the ever-changing colored stripe (sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes pink) is flawless!

The beat for this song is seriously amazing, it combines dance, rap and a bit of rock. It starts off with an auto tuned robot saying "bounce bounce bounce bounce..." as the robot's voice gets deeper and deeper.  JR's rap is flawless, it's fast, upbeat, fun, funky, and he's all sorts of cute trying to be all gangster. JB on the other hand delivers the vocals with his ever-changing colored stripe and some serious rock verse that will make Nirvana wish they had thought of it first.

The video is all sorts of fierce. They have various sets, which is rare in KPOP, they usually have two-three. The first set is in a classroom, the other in a gym, the hallway, aka an entire school. Anyway, what I like the most about the video is that they're not afraid to mess with their style. JR is spotted wearing this bright pink jacket and JR is doing all sorts of different styles. I like it, I like that they are taking all sorts of risks and still being fun. 

Watch at 1:12 and tell you did not get a boner.

Now they are more than just a choreographed act. They are some serious live performers. I've been watching some of their live performances and they are on some next-level shit! The guys bring it all onstage, the charisma, the charm, the voices, the dance, nothing is missing, well except for JB shaking his booty to the camera. I really like their stage as well, it captures the video rather well and it's just loads of fun!

I think this is the most original idea for a debut single I've seen in awhile, leave behind the school idea. It's refreshing, the mixture of rock, dance and rap has been done before but they deliver something the others haven't, which is a shit ton of fun! Throughout the entire song, you just wanna get up and move and that's great, especially for a debut single in KPOP world. 

You can tell the audience loves them, mainly because of their characters on DH2 but whatevs. Their EP is doing rather well in Korea right now. The week of its debut it charted within the Top 10, so I ain't even worried.

"BOUNCE (EP)" has been released on iTunes USA so go buy it now! 

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