Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In a surprising twist, Sky actually released the music video for her no-one-really-cares single "Red Lips". She's been postponing this single for about four months now. She tried with the electro sound and after everyone was doing it she went all hipster and switched the sound. Now she's back with her new single and music video for "Red Lips" and... it's really short! You'd think she would have spent the last four months adding a bridge or a new verse to the song but nope, homegirl just won't.

The song itself is almost 2:30, really really short for a mainstream song, but then again, Sky's never been mainstream. The song is not catchy, not cute, nothing, but for some reason the "Such a biiiiiig girl..." part is stuck in my head! Her voice is not bad, I like it, I just think the song is horrid. 

The music video isn't any better. It's just her, a red lipstick and a tarantula and the tarantula is in the video more than she is. It's also really weird, in a bad way. The tarantula is crawling all over her face and her cooch, and then she puts red lipstick all over her face and if you notice closely at her forehead you're able to see all the pimples the makeup was hiding, it's gross and she looks like a clown. 

It's so sad that she went from being one of the most talked about upcoming singers to this. She needs to pay attention to her label, they know what's good. She needs to stop being a bratty hipster and realize she's gonna need their money for advertising, better producers and better directors. 

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