Thursday, June 7, 2012


Cross Gene is the newest KPOP group to debut formed of Korean, Japanese and Chinese members. They premiered their debut single / music video yesterday and I am obsessed! The auto-tune, the choreography, the guys, the beat, the everything is soooooo right! The guys also look very stylish, sporting a couple of breathe-taking outfits that put your favez to shame! You could say they're a better and less funded version of EXO-K.

The intro for the video is probably one of my favorite parts. It's so epically choreographed and the guys are definitely in it to win it! The chorus is fucking addicting, but it might be the beat, because the beat is some serious shit! (I'm gonna pretend that it's an original beat and not something they completely rehashed!) Take a look at the last seconds of the video... can you say "your favez could neva!"? Now let's hope they can pull the entire choreography live.

Back to the concept, I think it's a great idea. They're gonna tackle the "Big Three" countries in Asia. Don't dare to think for a second they're not gonna release this in Japan and China and I am ready for all the version to come!

 La-di-da-di la-di-da-di your favez are going down down!!

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