Friday, June 1, 2012


Teen Top has been one of my favorite groups ever since their debut, their messy "Crazy" debut single was my jam for the longest time ever. I also think I'm one of the few that loved MYNAME's debut single "Message" was amazing and their epic English fails amuse me so deeply. Now they're both back with their comeback singles... I still love Teen Top... MYNAME, eh.

Teen Top have proven time and time again that they know how to dance their butts off. Often being a little bit homoerotic and a bit out there, they have also have some solid themes for their singles. Now with the amazing "To You" their success continues. They headed over to Music Bank yesterday to debut their stage and I was in love! I am so happy that the other members who aren't Neil are finally getting some lines. The choreo was great, the vocals were great, everything was right with the world.  It's still pretty obvious that Neil is the leader but now the other guys get some spotlight too. 

MYNAME on the other hand decided to comeback with a boring ballad that I don't have to speak Korean to know it's boring. I honestly don't know what they're saying but I'm not interested. The name of their single is "Hello & Goodbye" - how creative. One thing though you can't deny is that they are great performers. The live version is some serious business. They all sound great and in sync, if only the song was a bit more interesting. 

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