Sunday, June 3, 2012


BIGBANG doesn't mess around. Whenever they release something, you pay attention. 9 times out of 10 everyone loves it, 10 times out of 10 everyone loves it after 5 listens. They have just released the repackaged album "Still Alive" and unleashed a "Monster" of a music video! The repackaged album was just released in South Korea and it has already received an ALL-KILL, sorry Wonder Flops, you're gonna have to grab a seat for this one.

BIGBANG always delivers with the music videos and "Monster" is n no exception. The video starts off with a massive intro, guns, explosions, it's like you're watching a better version of "Transformers". Then Mr. T.O.P does his whisper thing and the earth melts, it just melted, boom, now it's melted. When it comes to 2NE1 and BIGBANG you know they spend a lot of money in their visuals, their costumes, their sound, etc. The costumes for this video are probably my favorite so far, they're very weird, they're very detailed and the hairstyles are very illuminati. The music video is all sorts of fantastic. It's action-packed, with lots of shirtless scenes from Mr. Taeyang, can I put those chocolate abs in my latte? 

Now as far as the song, it's a killer, it's such a fucking killer, the CIA has it on its' most wanted list. The song starts off slow and I was a bit worried because all the teasers had a ballad feel to it. But it's totally not! It's a power / house / with a bits of ballad breaks type of song. What also surprised me the most is that my dream husband Seung Ri gets a shit ton of lines. I don't know who's been paying attention to me but I am glad they did. Seung Ri's voice is the best for this single. The bridge is probably my favorite part, Seung Ri starts singing something I can't understand cuz I don't know Korean, but whatever it is, I love it. I'm also glad that Daesung has the chorus, well most of it. It's nice that they're trying new things with their vocal arrangements. 

The hook is amazing, but you already expected that "I need you, baby I'm not a monster, a monster" Best lyrics ever written, tbh. 

Now for those who don't follow KPOP religiously like you should! All-Kill means they are number ONE in all the digital and physical retailers. Think of it as being number one on iTunes, Amazon, and whatever else you legal downloaders use.


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