Friday, June 1, 2012


Cher Lloyd loves to talk, she loves to open her mouth and then stick her foot in it and I LOVE IT! I love her. She sat down with one of Ryan Seacrest's minions in order to promote her debut US single "Want U Back" and the upcoming US version of her album "Sticks & Stones" She answered some great questions and then they mentioned that one time of The Wanted boys said her mic looked like a dildo...and she... I love her! 

Cher simply said "If my mic looks like a dildo, so be it, alright!" that was after she said "The Wanted can't handle this!" LOL! Oh The Wanted are getting hated on left to right these days, what is going on!? Maybe all these British lads and gals should just zip it up and get better PR agencies. 

She also talks about wanting to be judged by Britney, and then teaches the guy to make the helicopter noise.

Once you go Cher, you never go... oh you know what I mean. Btw isn't the thumbnail for the YouTube clip all sorts of adorable? 

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