Thursday, June 14, 2012


T-Ara love raising the bar, if it's not with their amazing, timeless singles, it's with their amazing, timeless music videos / mini dramas. T-Ara has started this craze of Mini-Dramas in South Korea, they have released a two-part series for Cry Cry / Lovey Dovey proving to be a massive success. Now the girls plan to release a 20 minute comeback mini drama for their single "Day by Day" which will feature their two new members.

Now, the ninth member won't actually sing, she'll just be an actress in the video, because "she" wants to train and be the best member she can be, etc. Anyway, coming July 3rd we will have a 20 minute T-Ara mini drama for their comebacks ingle "Day by Day" which will commence your favez worst nightmares. Not only that but the now 9-some have the agenda for the entire year planned out, they are going to release "Mirage" August 15th and "T-Ara's Effect" in November.

There is no sign of these girls slowing down and I can't wait. I really hope they get some rest but seriously I just want more T-Ara, however I get it is out of the question. 

I think it's kinda bizarre how they have the entire year, with follow up promotions already planned out, but that's KPOP for you. 

Eighth member Ahreum is set to debut during their live performances in July. Dani is expected to debut in November.

T-Ara Time To Slay, Shhhh!

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