Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I receive this text from my friend today pretty much telling me to disregard the blog post idea he had emailed me because he's now a transformed man and doesn't want people to think he's weird, this was like an hour after he sent it to me, how much can you transform in an hour, I have no clue. Before I continue, let me say I have not written this, this is all my friend, I literally copied and pasted. Anyway the email goes as follow:

I have a super cool subject for your blog lol America does not need Adele (5 REASONS) After thoughtfully thinking about what the post should be about, I decided that Adele would be a great fit (pun not intended). Reasons why I don't like Adele:
1- She sets fire to the rain which I find psyco and really unnecessary
2- She rolls in the deep which I understand considering her weight problems thats the only way she can commute.
3- She turns tables which is rude when you're having dinner.
4- She chases pavement if you don't think this is retarded.....GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BLOG.
5- Just because we are an over weight nation does not mean that we sympathize with your fat ass.
PS - I'm not Kim Kardashian!

- That readers is what my friends sound like LOL

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