Sunday, June 24, 2012


Just like her in that picture, everyone is wondering what Shakira is thinking lately! She used to be the Latin girl to go when it came to flawless music but lately it's just one mistake after another. Instead of leading the pack she's following the trendsetters and it's no longer working for her. Her latest attempt with Pitbull is "Get It Started"

"Get it Started" is everything you can expect from a Pitbull feature, talking about countries, worldwide, women, etc, and Shakira is trying to bring her 1999's vocals to this track but it ain't working. Her vocals are not meant for this song, at all. 

This song really makes me miss "Ciega Sordo Muda" era. Can we get that Shakira back please?

Sadly I am jizzing all over this instrumental so expect me to rape the replay button within a day or two. 

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