Tuesday, June 12, 2012


2NE1 isn't stupid, they know where they stand now. They know going against T-Ara is the stupidest idea ever so they've gone ahead and delayed their July comeback to mid-July stating "album production" delays. Album production delays my ass. After the massive flop they suffered in Japan, and T-Ara's massive new throne, you know they are scared!

Their label says "There were plans to release 2NE1′s new album within this month. However, because there were so many good songs and [because they are putting their hearts and souls into this album], the release period has been delayed.” Excuse me but if there were so many good songs, shouldn't you RUSH the release? Since you know, you have sooooo many good songs, why delay it?

2NE1 used to be my favorite girl group, I used to love them, until they went to Japan and tried the whole cute thing, it just wasn't working for me. It was forced, they looked like complete sell-outs, etc. They've become very generic, they never try anything new. Last year at this time, I was so excited for "I AM THE BEST" but knowing 2NE1, they'll keep postponing the album's release until they have no competition.

I'm not looking forward to 2NE1's comeback to be quite honest, it's gonna be the same shit, same beat, CL is gonna lead the the verses and rap, Minzy is gonna have a minor verse, Queen Sandara Park is gonna have two lines for the pre-chorus, and Bom is gonna shout the chorus. It's gonna be the same sound, etc, no fankz.

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