Sunday, June 17, 2012


I don't particularly care for 2AM, I love me some 2PM but this post is about neither of those bitches. It's about beautiful Jo Kwon and his amazing debut solo prelude single "Animal" (damn, am I specific about my shit or what!?" Anyway, Jo Kwon wants it to be massively clear that he is here to shit on your favez whole life. 

Jo Kwon apparently might be gay, bi, metrosexual, sexual, etc, I don't really care (unless I see this picture) He's known as the cute one, the sweetheart of the very boring ballad group 2AM but in this new single he is shredding all of that image. He's even getting some hate because Avicii produced the track and not a Korean producer. 

The intro itself shits all over your favez flop tunes, it's smooth, long, and the rest of the song is even hotter! Jo Kwon starts singing his sweet lyrics, and then out of nowhere he starts shouting like he's about to get a 10 inch inserted into him, and damn, he sounds hot! He starts asking "Don't stop the beat, stop the beat, make it drop!" He is bossy, and I love it, give it to me. "Yeah, I'm an animal, oh oh oh oh" I kinda am speechless at this point. 

This is just the prelude single, aka promo, aka not the real first single, and he's shitting on everyone! I can't fucking wait for the proper single and his debut album coming out June 25th. 

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